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Igneous symbol by SolarisIgneous
Igneous symbol
So i made a Symbol for My Character Igneous :p I Haven't been on lately cause of my job, school and other crap that been happening< but now im back and now ready to get back to my artwork.  Anyways i'm gonna make more of these and if anyone of you Have sonic OC's or FC's I can make you one for 10 Points Each so if you want me to make one for you just ask. Alright HOpe you enjoy it :)

Igneous the Hedgehog Belongs to SolarisIgneous :) (C)


SolarisIgneous has started a donation pool!
52 / 5,000
Commission are OPEN!!!!!!!
This Commisions are only for sonic characters

GenderBender (Basically Transforming your Male character to Female character or Female character to male Character)
Solo=30 Points
With Friend or more, 15 Points for each character

SA Style= 40 Points
With Friend= 15 Points for each character

Chibi Style= 30 Points
Couple Or Friend= 30 Points
Group= 45 Points

Chao Style= 30 Points
Couple or Friend= 40 Points
Group= 50 Points

Human Style of your Character= 30 Points
Couple or Friend= 40 Points
Group= 50 Points

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Ok For those of you who asked me to do a request or art trade a commission , Im still doing them. Ok for those who wants me to ask for a Request or art trade or whatever, Im closing it for now cause i have too much people asking me right now and i will lose track of which ones to do so for NOW... imma close it up and work on the ones who asked me first So hold on to your Request and whenever the list is short and i open it back up you can tell me your request. I Hope you can understand and thank you for your patience. :)

Thanks you again and now i will be getting back to work. :) 

1.Naomi-999, Still in Progress

2.Lexy-the-Fox, Still in progress

3.Aqua-Angel, Still in Progress

4.xxTwi4yaxX, Still in Progress

5.xxJo-HakuxX,Still in Progress

6.AbyssStarCrystall01, Still in Progress

7.Cruisebluee, Still in Progress

8.Nyro1,Still in Progress

9.ZonicTheHedgehog20, Still In Progress

10.KblueStar, Still In Progress

11.InsanityBrs, Still in Progress

12.ZorentheReavorhog, Still In Progress

13.IrmaTH, Still In Progress

14.KK-Afterburn, Still In Progress

15.PrincessTsukiko, Still In Progress

16.JosepMello, Still In Progress

17.GhostlyHarmony, Still in Progress

18.Vamanu2, Still in Progress

19.AnimalCreation, Still in Progress

20.xXArchiveofTaniaXx, Still in Progress

21.Shadson, Still in Progress

22.InvinsibleElvis, Still In Progress

23.Krockomodo, Still in Progress


SolarisIgneous's Profile Picture
Igneous And Mia
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Main Character:
Name: Igneous Ember Solst
Species: Hedgehog
Alliance: Good
Type: Speed/Power
Age: 16
DOB: Feb 28
Relationship: Taken by Mia K Silva The Cat
Location: Zectorum, Igneous and the crews home planet. About 1.2 years away from Planet Mobius, Sonic home World
Fears: Losing a loved one,Defeat, Threat to Anyone
Power: Pyrokinesis/CosmoKinesis (Cosmic Manipulation)
Forms: Blazing Igneous,
In this Blazing Form, His speed increases and his Pyrokinesis will Able to do 10 times more damage. Also in this Form, He Has a Rare Power known as Cosmokinesis which Allows him to Use The Universe as his weapon.

Attacks: Meteor Strike, Solar Blast , Cosmic Flare, Cosmic Swift, Cosmic Sphere, Teleportation, Call of the Pyrokinetic Dragon , Flame Punch, Super Speed Etc.....

Forms: Dark Igneous:
In This Form, His Flames is turned blue. This causes his power to double the amount of damage and Due to his cosmic powers, He Is able to use Dark Matter As a Attack in this Form.

Bio: Igneous Ember Solst, A Young Adult Who Has the Power of the Flaming Dragon. His Great Grandfather, Sir Ignacious, was the First to acquire the power of the Flaming Dragon, A Large, Rare,Majestic Beast That Holds Great Power of the flames inside of it.The Power of this Dragon was passed down into him. Igneous Has Lived in His Home Planet, a Futuristic Planet that has advanced technologies like no other. He Trains Everyday with his power to Strengthen His Abilities.His Father, Inferno Solst, Is The Commander of The P.Z.P.A (Planet Zectorum Protective Agency) AN Agency that Protacts the planet Zectorum from any outside threat to the planet.

Personality:Honest,Innocent,Coffident,Protective with his Friends and Family,Serious (sometimes), Friendly, Kind, Shy around new people, and Uncoffident (Sometimes).

Theme: This will be the Day
(Mostly Hears Dubstep Music)

If u want me to do an art, Let me know and i'll get straight on it. :)

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Solar I think you stole something from me :(
SolarisIgneous Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Um... Ok what did i steal from you? I made up this character a while ago
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